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MSI Field Testing Results

                    Untreated HSS Twist                                                    MSI Treated HSS Twist

                                       Drill                                                                                     Drill


                ~3,600 holes total failure                                               ~3,600 holes avg. margin

                     ~Gray cast iron test plates                                                      wear .011"

                     ~Drill blind holes - dry                                                   ~Gray cast iron test plates

                                                                                                                 ~Drill blind holes dry



                   Test # 4/17/97 Margin 2                                              Test # 4/28/97 Margin 2

                                     Untreated                                                                            Treated




1200 Holes      

1200 Holes    


Margin wear unevenly distributed

at .0098" and .026".  The non-

uniform and high rate of wear led to 

decreased part quality and tool 


Margin wear evenly distributed at .0066".  The uniformly reduced wear led to improved parts quality and tool performance.


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