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Lithium/Resin High Temperature

Multi-Purpose Grease

    LRG Compound

Fact:  LRG-500 GREASE COMPOUND reduces heat generation in bearings,   

          dramatically lowering energy requirements.


Fact:  The unique surface filming action of LRG-500 seals the metal matrix from 

           H2O and other chemical penetration.


Fact:  The same unique surface film which rejects water penetration also 

           increases the fatigue resistance of metals.


     Bearings require replacement more frequently than any other power transmission component.  In fact far many fail prematurely.  These are the three reason why:  heat, water, and fatigue.

  1. Heat accelerates oxidation in conventional oil and grease, leading to formation of gum, sludge, and varnishes.  This, in turn, increases operating temperatures, accelerates deterioration of lubricant additives and escalates energy requirements.

  2. Water, in the form of condensation, can enter almost any bearing.  Even minute amounts of H2O can penetrate through conventional lubricants to areas of high stress concentration, acting as a corrosive wedge between the bearing metal grain boundaries, causing hydrogen embrittlement.  The accelerated action of the hydrogen molecules in highly stressed raceways leads to early surface spalling.

  3. Fatigue failures also occur in these same highly stressed areas.


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