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MSI Metal Treatments



What are MSI Metal Treatments?


     Although most MSI products are carried in the oil of machinery, they are not oil additives.  Rather than altering the oil itself, these solutions serve as a metal treatment.  That is, they actually affect metal surfaces - from porous castings to stainless steels and titanium - modifying the metal-to-metal environment and making conventional lubricants more effective.


How Do They Work?


     When an MSI solid film metal treatment is introduced into a compressor, gearbox, or other machinery, its special cleaning complex flushes the metal surface pore structures, dissolving sludge into the oil solution.  CVRTM, the proprietary resin complex found in MSI metal tratments, then fill those pore structures and leaves a film surface that has an extremely low coefficient of friction and is impervious to acids.

     The result is greatly reduced friction and the virtual elimination of metallic erosion and hydrogen embrittlement, so you get lower energy consumption and less critical wear in equipment throughout the plant.


How Does the MSI Energy Program Work?


     The MSI Energy Program begins with an introduction in which an MSI representative explains the details and benefits of MSI metal treatments.  Following that introduction, a complete assessment of your facility and MSI's suggestion for a specific, individualized Energy Program is provided.

     The program guarantees to provide savings equal to 125% of its cost.  It's that simple.  How much can MSI save you?  Click on:  SAVINGS

   How Do I Obtain More Information

     For information on becoming a distributor or if you would like to try MSIís products, call MSI at (419) 599-7010 or by E-mail at MSI@Bright.net. 


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