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     Since 1978, Macro Specialty Industries, Inc. (MSI) has been an industry leader in its use of applied tribology to increase customer return on investment through energy conservation and extending plant equipment life.


Tool Treatment ~ MSI 2000 Tool Treatment Machine 


     In 1997, MSI developed its patented tool treatment process that can turn a nominal tool cost reduction plan into a major tool management initiative.  The process involves heating the tools in the specially designed MSI 2000 Tool Treatment Machine and placing the heated tools in a special reservoir filled with MSI's metal treatment chemicals.  As the tools cool, MSI's CVR particles are trapped in the surface asperity as the metal contracts.  The process creates a smoother tool surface and increases lubricity without effecting the physical tool dimensions.


     With dealerships throughout the United States and Canada, the MSI 2000 Tool Treatment Machine is quickly becoming a key component in tool cost reduction programs.  For more information, see the News Room page, the MSI 2000 product information page, or contact MSI to have a representative call you.


Energy Program


     The MSI Energy Program is simply the systematic application of the unique metal treatments developed by MSI.  The MSI Energy Program begins with an introduction in which an MSI representative explains the details and benefits of MSI metal treatments.  Following that introduction, a complete assessment of your facility and MSI's suggestion for a specific, individualized energy program is provided.  The program guarantees to provide savings equal to 125% of its cost.  It's that simple. 


     Some of the companies that have benefited from the program include:  Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, National Steel Corporation, The Upjohn Company, and Whirlpool Corporation.  


     For more information, see the MSI Energy Program page, or contact MSI to have a MSI representative call you.




     MSI's metal treatments are so superior to other products on the market, they're guaranteed to give your company a 125% return on your investment.  One example is MSI's LRG-500 Grease Compound.  For actual customers' field test results, contact MSI.  Typically, the figures run like this - 8% savings in amperage reduction, 41% Delta T (the difference between operating and ambient temperatures) and a whopping 328% average energy return on investment.



"Energy Conservation Through Applied Tribology"


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     For information on becoming a distributor or if you would like to try MSIís products, call MSI at (419) 599-7010 or by E-mail at MSI@Bright.net. 


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