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MSI 2000


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   MSI 2000 Give Your Tools The Treatment!

         Macro Specialty Industries, Inc. is proud to present its patented tool treatment process to your company.  In thirty (30) minutes, and for less than $0.40 per tool, this proven technology will reduce your cost of tooling, waste, and energy consumption while increasing productivity and quality control.  Value added benefits from using the MSI 2000 include:

  • Extends cutting tool life

  • Improves performance of HSS, carbide, and coated tools

  • Adds lubricity and smoothes tool surfaces

  • Does not alter metal substrate or tool geometry

  • Tools can be treated after being reground

  • Reduces down time and tool inventory 

  • Tools may be treated on location

Field Results

Tool Life ~ Untreated Life ~ Treated
1.32 mm HSS drills-deep drilling 3 hours 9 hours
Carbide keyway cutter/8620 steel 22,000 29,248
Broaching operation/caps 42,000 64,000
HSS oxide coated drills/crankshaft 2,000 4,200
Brazed carbide tipped drills/Fe lifter bodies 4,800 24,000
HSS step drills/cast block 5,400 12,300
Carbide tipped saw blades/1.5" A-2 630 square inches 2,500 square inches
10 mm HSS drills/6061 Al. 500 holes 2,000 holes
Oil galley drills/cast block 14,400 holes 28,000 holes

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   MSI Metal Treatment the PROCESS

     If a tool is placed under a microscope, imperfections are revealed on both new and reground tools.  The MSI process begins with placing the imperfect tools in the heating reservoir of a MSI 2000 treatment machine and raising the temperature of the tools to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  The surface asperities (imperfections) of the tools expand.  Then the tools are transferred to the tool treatment reservoir.  As the tools cool, MSI's CVR particles are trapped in the surface asperities creating a smoother tool surface and increasing lubricity without modifying the physical tool dimensions.

   How Do I Obtain More Information

     For information on becoming a distributor or if you would like to try MSIís products, call MSI at (419) 599-7010 or by E-mail at MSI@Bright.net. 


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